Registration is Open for the 2020 Season​


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Need to register a new player?  Please read below before hitting the Account Login.



Before entering the system, please have the following digital files ready:

JPG, PNG, TIF or PDF are acceptable. 


Proof of Age

Birth certificate, passport and school i.d. are acceptable forms of identification.

Youth: picture and birth certificate or passport

High School: picture and school identification


Digital Photo

Head shot, similar to a passport photo.

Plain white background, no hats and no inappropriate gestures or facial expressions.

NCYRA ID Picture Requirements

Photo must be in color and not copied or scanned from other documents.

Head should be positioned directly facing the camera.

Photo should capture from slightly above top of hair to middle of chest.

Eyes should be open and looking at the camera.

Background should be plain white or off-white, black background is NOT acceptable.

Eyeglasses should NOT be worn.

Head coverings should NOT be worn i.e. scrum caps should be removed.

Digital Photo Requirements 

Cropped to include only head and shoulders

640x640 pixels resolution (50-60 KB JPG file)

Other documents should be 50KB - 150K

Must be legible or the application will be rejected by NCYRA

We will require each of these items to be uploaded SEPARATELY. The registration system states that “all documents/photos should be at least 640 x 640 pixels (approx 64 KB) and may not upload if larger than 2 MB.” Documents can be in JPG, PNG, TIF or PDF format. 


Helpful Tip

Most folks will use a digital camera on the lowest resolution setting or their cell phone camera for the photo, and they will use a scanner on low resolution setting for the school ID and age proof doc. However, a camera or cell picture of the age-proof document and also of the school ID is acceptable if the documents are clearly readable and each covers most of the digital page. 



Even if the system accepts the documents, they are subject to review by NCYRA, and last year several photos were later rejected, so please follow the above guidelines.


Do you have your files ready? Are you ready to register? 



Refund Policy

We understand that players can change their minds or other sports get in the way of playing rugby, so refunds can be processed if a player drops out before a certain point in the season. That point is December 31 for Youth Players and January 31st for High School Players. As the club would have already paid USA and NCYRA dues to register the player, $90 will be deducted before sending you a refund check. No refunds will be processed after January 1st for Youth players and February 1st for High School players. Refund requests should be sent to Joe Rosenbaum at