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Rugby Tours

Lamo on Tour

Rugby tours are a quintessential element of the culture of the sport. They date back to the earliest forms of the game, when "international" teams would travel for weeks by ship to far-flung continents to play a series of "tests" against their hosts. Rugby tours bring out the best in a rugby team. They are an essential bonding element for the players and coaches alike. They also foster one of the unique elements of rugby, a kin-ship amongst rugby players worldwide.

Lamorinda RFC has a proud history of rugby tours. Our senior players have experienced trips to Ireland, Argentina, the UK, Canada, Italy & Hawaii to name a few.

It is our intention as a club to maintain this important tradition. It requires a LOT of planning and a decent amount of fundraising to make sure that EVERYONE can attend. 

We intend to begin introducing this more and more at the youth level, with domestic "tours" to SoCal & the Valley.

Please click on the links below to catch a glimpse of our most recent tours.