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Volunteer Positions

General Descriptions of Volunteer Positions


Rugby is a great game for all levels of player and the key objective of coaching is to teach players the art and skill of the game along with having fun while learning. You don’t need to have played rugby, but it helps when you are coaching. We have had many successful parents help coach that have had no rugby experience at all. The Head Coach sets out a practice plan each week and the assistant coaches helps carry out that plan and work with all the players.

You will be expected to attend practices and games, but we know that it is not always possible to be at all practices so the more assistant coaches we have the better for the players and our program.

Field Preparation

Home Games:

  • Mark field to be ready 15 minutes before the game
  • Make sure the post pads are installed correctly
  • Have two identifiable field marshals on duty throughout the game
  • Identify the field Marshals to the Referee before the game
  • Ensure all spectators and non-playing players are in the stands just before the game starts
  • Clean up the field and pack Lamo equipment into the store room

Away Games:

  • Have two identifiable field marshals on duty at the game

  • Identify the field Marshals to the Referee before the game

  • Ensure all spectators and non playing players are in the stands just before the game starts

  • Clean up the Lamo side of the field before leaving


Provide a level of hospitality to visiting teams so that they feel "well looked after" by playing games at Lamorinda. Players and Coaches get their hospitality for free, all supporters must pay for what they take from the hospitality stand. This is expected to be a break-even expense item.

Home Games Only:

  • Work with other volunteers to man the Hospitality stand during the game

  • Assist in deciding what will be given/sold in the hospitality stand and purchase what is needed from Costco

  • Help pick up what is needed from the store room and set up at field.

  • Help clean up after the visiting teams have left and take the equipment back to the storeroom.

Incoming Tours (High School)

This volunteer group is to make sure the visiting team has an enjoyable time visiting Lamorinda and goes away with a positive image of our program, our hospitality and the USA.

  • Act as the liaison with the visiting coach and give him as much assistance as possible

  • Arrange to house the players and coaches from visiting teams

  • Arrange transport from the place of arrival to where they are staying

  • Arrange a team dinner after the game is played

  • Assist visiting coaches in anything they need (water, medical assistance, transport)

  • Arrange to accompany the visiting team on an outing to San Francisco. Orinda Bart station is best used for a starting point as it is a good drop off and pick up point.

  • Set up a Time and Activity schedule for all parents billeting the visiting players so they know exactly what they are responsible for, what they can do with the players and where they need to be at what time.

Outgoing Tours (High School)

Give Lamorinda players the opportunity to experience the global nature of Rugby, experience playing international and local styles of rugby and get an insight into other cultures.

  • ​Act as the liaison between Lamorinda and the teams we will visit on tour.

  • Set up and confirm an itinerary for 3 games on a 7 day tour. Ideally Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday if the tour party arrives on Saturday and leaves the following Saturday.

  • Set up and confirm all travel arrangement to the country we will tour as well as travel arrangements while we are there.

  • Research tourist activities for the players to get a feel for the country they will be visiting.

  • Co-opt a parent volunteer to research and set up a tour schedule for the accompanying parents

  • Ensure that all player documentation for the tour is complete and managed correctly.

  • Start "selling" the tour as soon as a base itinerary is in place to make sure we get the 30 players needed to go on tour.

  • Ensure the Coaches that accompany the tour know and understand their responsibilities and duties.

  • Ensure that the parents accompanying or shadowing the tour know their responsibilities and duties.

  • Work with Administration to collect tour money and any documentation needed for the tour.


Objective:  The primary objective is to consistently communicate with coaches, parents and players at all levels so that they know what is happening at all times. The secondary objective is to get positive coverage for Lamorinda Rugby Club and Rugby in general in the local newspapers as often as possible.

  • ​Help produce a weekly newsletter that goes out to all players, parents and anybody that subscribes to the newsletter.

  • Help maintain an email list that the club and coaches can use to communicate effectively with all parents and players.

  • Help get exposure for Lamorinda in the Lamorinda News and the Contra Costa Times as often as possible during the season. Pictures can be obtained from the club photographer.

Game Videoing

Objective: The prime objective is to video all High School games so that a resulting CD can be used by the coaches for instructional purposes. The secondary objective is to have available a video of the game for the Rugby Disciplinary Committee should it be needed.

  • ​Video all High School games

  • Copy the game onto a DVD and give it to the Coach at the Monday evening practice.

​Social & Fund Raising

Assist in the planning of exciting fund raising activities to raise money to meet the needs of the club.


Assist with the administration of the club, equipment hand out and wherever needed by the club


Be in attendance at all games to assist the coaches in helping players from both sides that may have hurt themselves on the field.

Game Scheduling

Work with the Head Coaches in help schedule game times, fields and coordinate with the visiting teams so that they know where to be at the right time. 

Trailer Towing

Bring our equipment and hospitality trailer to Wilder Field from Moraga storage and back home for home matches. A tow hitch is required.

​Spirit Wear

Work with club Managers to source and provide Lamo Spirit Wear.


Responsible for event photos for Social Media. Also coordinate all photos taken by helpers.