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Why Volunteer?

We Need You to Volunteer

Rugby is a team sport both on and off the field. A great club can only succeed when parents get involved. The coaches are busy on the field, our players are doing their best to win games, and we need a whole host of volunteers to keep the club running smoothly. If everyone lends a hand it's easy for the club to succeed. If it's left to a few dedicated people to make sure everything gets done, we will fall short, and let our players, our coaches, and ourselves down.

So please get involved, you won’t regret it!

The reason this club is so successful is simply because we have over 100 volunteers step up and help out every season. Now that you've decided to join the Lamo rugby family, with your help, we look forward to making this the best season Lamo has ever had. You will be asked to volunteer (see categories below), or, you will have the option to opt out. Please seriously consider volunteering before taking the easy way out.

The club needs you!