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Player Wellbeing

Player Safety

Player well-being and safety is our top priority when any of our players take to the field. All our Head Coaches are certified by USA Rugby through the Northern California Youth Rugby Association (NCYRA). It is a requirement of the NCYRA that every registered team in each age group have at least one certified Coach and one certified Referee working with that team. An important part of that certification process deals extensively with player safety and how to recognize a possible concussion.

In addition, we are one of the few clubs that retain a Certified Athletic Trainer (CTA) to be on the side line at all High School games and we are working at trying to have trained Medical staff present at all Youth games.

Lamo RFC’s Concussion Program

The coaches and staff of the Lamorinda Rugby Football Club recognize that concussions among youth athletes are a cause for concern and an issue that parents in our community care deeply about. Accordingly, Lamo Rugby has instituted a concussion program that is outlined in detail in the attached documents: 

(1) Parents or guardians of all players must review and sign the Concussion Awareness and Protocol Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement Form (click here) for document);

(2) Any player suspected of having suffered a head injury or concussion will be removed from play and required to obtain physician clearance before being permitted to Return To Play, per the guidelines in the Concussion Evaluation Form (click here) to see guidelines); and

(3) any player taking the ImPACT baseline test must bring on the test day the ImPACT Permission Form (click here to see the form). The Lamo concussion program tracks the concussion management requirements for student athletes in the California schools.

If you have any questions about the Lamo concussion program, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or point you to the right person to talk to.