Instant Rugby


The Game: Two 40 minute (35 minute at High School)halves and a 5 minute break with no time-outs.  Time is controlled by

one   Referee, aided by two touch judges.


The Teams: Fifteen players on a side with limited substitution (at High School level we have unlimited substitution and at

any time).  There are 8 Forwards (the “scrum”) and 7 backs.  All 15 may run, kick and laterally pass the ball.


Play: The match begins with a kickoff which must travel 10 meters.  Play is continual with no designated offensive or defensive

team, much like hockey.  Play is stopped only when the ball is ruled unplayable or a penalty is invoked.  The ball may be

advanced by running or kicking.  All passes must be made laterally or backwards.  When a player with the ball is tackled,

he must release the ball and roll away, leaving the ball and play continues without let-up.



              Try - a Try is 5 points when the ball is touched down in the opponents end zone, known as the “in-goal” area.

              Conversion - a Conversion is 2 points and it is attempted after a Try is scored.  The ball must be placed directly out form

                                    the point where the Try was scored, thus making some angular Conversions harder than others.

              Drop Goal - a Drop Goal is worth 3 points and made by drop-kicking the ball through the upright goal posts during the


              Penalty - a Penalty is worth 3 points and it is awarded following an infraction of the rules and is scored by a place kick from

                              the spot of the foul.


Scrum: Eight forwards are bound together in a 3-4-1 formation and the opposing scrum lock together.  The ball is thrown between the two units by the “scrum-half.  The opposing center-men (“Hookers”) attempt to heel the ball back with their feet to teammates so it can be played by the backs in an optional run-pass-kick attack.


Line-out: Formed whenever the ball goes into “touch” (out of bounds). Two rows of opposing scrum forwards form and the “Hooker” of one team puts the ball in play by throwing it directly down the line of formed by the two rows.  The controlling scrum then throws the ball back to their backs for an attack.