Basic Rugby Positions


Hooker: He attempts to hook the ball, with his foot, back to his forwards in the scrum.  He is usually short, light and quick



Prop Forwards: They support or prop the Hooker, keep the ball in the tunnel and prevent the scum from collapsing.  They are

usually heavy with strong shoulders and neck.


Lock Forwards: The lock the front row together and drive the scrum over the ball.  They are usually tall with very strong legs.


No. 8 Forward: He locks the scrum together and insures the proper exit of the ball from the scrum.  He is usually very fast with strong arms and chest.


Flank Forwards: The attack the opposing backs and prevent cutbacks.  They are usually fast and hard hitters.


Scrum Half: He delivers the ball into the scrum and gets the ballot his backs when it is out of the scrum. He usually has excellent ball control with his hands.


Fly Half/Standoff: This player determined the path of the ball downfield, constantly keeping the opposition off guard.  He is usually a good kicker, passer and tackler.


Center ¾ Backs: They assure the quick delivery of the ball to the wing and pop kick to relieve defensive pressure.  They are usually good passers, tacklers and kickers.


Wingbacks: They are runners.  They should be able to dodge and outrun the opposing backs and kick when in trouble.  They are usually extremely fast and excellent runners and tacklers.


Fullback: He is the last line of defense.  He usually uses kicking as a defensive maneuver.  He often starts counter offensives when the opposition kick the ball to try get territorial advantage.  He must be an excellent kicker, runner, tackler and strategist.

Here's a quick video about the forward positions

Here's a quick video about the back positions